~Ladies Association and Leagues~





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The Warm Springs Ladies Golfs Association has two Ladies Leagues.

Tuesday Day league is a non-competitive league where participants sign up to play on a weekly basis with playing season of March through October

Wednesday Evening Twilight League is a competitive, 2-lady best-ball with a 14-week playing season from late-April through August.


2021 Dates to remember (all meetings are currently canceled; an announcement will be made when meetings resume.  Meetings take place at the Warm Springs Clubhouse)

March - Day League play begins

Mid-April - Twilight League play begins

Early-August - Twilight League play ends 

August 14 & 15 - Ladies Club Championship, morning tee times

September TBD - Pro-Am Shamble, shotgun start at 9:00 am Tuesday morning

October 26 - President's Day, 9-hole Scramble and Luncheon shotgun start at 10:00 am


RULES OF GOLF:  Standard rules of golf shall apply to all league play.

GREEN FEES:  Each player is responsible for greens fees.

ENTRY FEES: Each player is responsible for entry fees.



The Ladies Day League runs from the first Tuesday of March through the last Tuesday of October.

The Day League plays 18 holes of medal play each week, with an optional "play-of-the-day" (POD) format each week.  Members are welcome to play 9-holes; however, POD is not available to the 9-hole players.   Because this is a non-competitive league, each player must sign up for Tuesday play at the Warm Springs Club House by the Sunday prior to play.  Players in the Day League must be members of the Warm Springs Ladies Association.

The maximum handicap allowed for day league is 45; members with higher handicaps are encouraged to play although their handicap will be adjusted to 45 for the POD competition.

Entry fees:  Play of the Day competition is canceled for 2020.  Greens and Cart fees are the responsibility of the golfer each week

Start times:  March/April/October - 10:00 am, May/September - 9:00 am, June/July/August - 8:00 am



The Warm Springs Ladies Twilight League is a competitive league that runs from late April through early August.  The format is a two-lady best-ball, with a 5:45 pm shotgun start on Wednesday evenings. 

ELIGIBILITY: All players must be a member of the Warm Springs Ladies Association - Twilight League, and have an IGA handicap. The maximum handicap allowed for league play is 40; players with higher handicaps are encouraged to join although their handicap will be adjusted to 40 for the competition. Substitute players are not required to be members of the Warm Springs Ladies Association; however, they are required to have a current IGA handicap.

LEAGUE: The league will have a maximum of 28 teams, where each team consists of two players. These teams will be split into flights determined by the players handicaps, where the lower handicap of the team determines the flight. Regular league play will consist of 14 weeks of competitive play, where each team plays against every team in their flight twice. Additionally, there may be weeks designated as "fun play" where players from different flights will be mixed together to play different formats.

TEAMS: Each team shall consist of two players, with a maximum handicap spread of 10 between team members.

ENTRY FEE: Each participant shall pay an entry fee, 100% of entry fees will be paid to the winners of twilight league in the form of Pro-Shop credit

LEAGUE PLAY AND SCORING: Regular league play will consist of 14 weeks of competitive play, where each teams plays against every team in their flight two times during the season. 

FEES: Each player is responsible for their association dues, entry fee, green fees and cart fees.  Association fees are due prior to the start of league play. Entry fee and Green fees for the entire season are to be paid on the first night of league play.

RULES OF GOLF: Standard rules of golf shall apply to league play.

SCORECARDS: The Pro-Shop will provide scorecards to each team each week when they check in for play. The scorecards will include playing groups and starting hole information.  Players must turn in scorecards to the front desk upon completion of play.

POSTING OF SCORES: The Ladies Association Handicap Committee will post league play scores, please do not post league scores yourself.

SUBSTITUTES: If a player is planning to have a substitute play for them, that player should notify Peter Nichenko of the substitutes name and IGA number, as well as the name of the player who will not be playing and the date for the substitute. This information should be provided as early as possible so that score cards can be adjusted accordingly. The Pro-Shop staff will not secure substitutes for absent players. A list of substitute players is available at the Pro-Shop.

LATECOMERS: Players should tee off at the assigned start time (5:45pm) and not wait for players who may be running late. If a player does join late, that player may not use scores for any holes missed, and the group should not replay any holes that the latecomer missed. However, if one team member is on-time and the second team member is late, the on-time member's scores can be used to obtain points for those holes that they have played. If both players of a team are late, they forfeit the holes that they were unable to play with their opponents, and the opposing team wins those hole points.

BAD WEATHER: If a league play night is cancelled due to inclement weather, that night of play will be made up sometime during the season


Show up on time: Be ready to tee off at your assigned hole at 5:45 pm; please be at that assigned hole by 5:40 to ensure on time tee off.

Handicap: Team members and substitutes must have a current WHS handicap.