~Golf Leagues~

Warm Springs Golf Course has both Men and Women's Leagues.

There are Twilight Leagues for both the Men and Women's Associations.  Monday and Tuesday evening are Men's Leagues, while Wednesday evening is Ladies League.  Additionally, there is a fall league open to all players over 18 years old.

The Ladies Day League plays 18-holes of golf on Tuesday morning between March and October, some members play just 9-holes.  The start time of the Ladies Day League varies with the weather; March, April, October start is 10:00 am, May and September is 9:00 am and June, July and August is 8:00 am.  Ladies must  be a members of the Warm Springs Ladies Day Association and sign up by Sunday to play in the next Tuesday match, as pairings are determined prior to play.

Also, there is a Men's Day League (The Crew) that plays on Monday, Wednesday and Friday year round (weather permitting). This league has tee times starting at 10:00 am, with the exception of June, July and August when tee times start at 9:00 am.  This group plays a Chicago Game, which requires an entry fee to the league chairman each day of play; all entry money is paid to daily winners of the Chicago game.  Foursomes are determined by the Chairman of the group, while the Chicago teams are formed by a blind draw.  All players must be members of a Warm Springs Association.  Players must call the Pro-shop at least one hour prior to start of play to sign up.